About GMG

GMG deals exclusively with the development, manufacturing, and distribution of grippers. GMG is the inventor of modular gripper systems; even our angular grippers are designed modularly.

Worldwide, GMG constitutes by far one of the most innovative, flexible, and multifunctional gripper systems being manufactured in series and used industrially. These grippers have been patented internationally and have received numerous awards.

All listed grippers are made of aluminum alloy as well as stainless steel, and equipped with maintenance and lubrication free slide bearings, rendering them durable, stainless, washable, and environmentally friendly.

GMG was founded in 1992 with the primary objective of developing and marketing high quality and extremely flexible grippers as mechanical hands for robots, machinery, and handling devices. Flexible handling, flexible mounting, flexible automation, just-in-time manufacturing, and lean production require mechanical hands that easily adjust to new tasks in an economical, cost-effective manner. In order to meet these requirements, a team of twelve engineers developed the first generation of the present modular grippers, which differed significantly from the state of the art at that time, in cooperation with GMG, the industry, and university research centers over the course of five years.

During the developmental process of the GMG grippers, vast amounts of insight and knowledge from practical experience were incorporated in order to achieve and ensure the highest operational standards for reliability and flexibility. On numerous occasions, this first generation of modular grippers has been recognized internationally with awards due to ground breaking innovations, such as exact linear motion, exclusively created through basic swivel joints. Usually this is implemented using hardened and lubricated guide grooves which tend to get jammed with longer fingers.

GMG remains a technologically driven company that continually creates innovative products. In this context we would like to point out our invention of parallel-angular grippers. GMG’s developments have been patented in industrial countries and remain trend-setting. Furthermore, the variety of industrial applications and the adaptability of our modular grippers, as well as regular contact with our customers, allow for the development of new and unique products. Quite often this customer-focused relationship results in a customer-specific gripper.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a solution to your specific handling task. Our team will gladly assist you with your problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you because your satisfaction is our top priority.

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